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Marek Burda – actor

I have been in electronic media business since 1998 of which seven years professionally.

In 2012 I got curious of performing on-stage fruit of which is among others co-founding of the public speaking club within the international Toastmasters organization in December that year.

In 2013 my attention focused on theatre performances: I organized a series of improvisational theatre workshops with members of improv group Jesiotr and played one of the main roles in a play named “Róże” (Roses) in Warsaw's district Ochota.

I used 2014 to rectify the skills which I recognized as crucial in my professional acting plans and I'm excited about the prospect of further artistic development in 2015.

Here is a selection of my appearances (mostly in Polish) with the newest ones at the top:

Promotional video for “Let's Meet” startup crowdfounding campain

taken: 2015-02-10 Tue in Wrocław

“Róże” play

opening: 2013-09-29 Sun in Warsaw

Theatrical improvisation workshops

first meeting: 2013-04-08 Mon in Wrocław

WrocLove Speakers public speaking club

first (demo) meeting: 2012-12-13 Thu in Wrocław

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